Biurcoo’s soul is Fernando! However, if not the cooperation of many other people, he wouldn’t be here.

  • Biurcoo’s raising process is an effect of the effort put by many friends – and we wouldn’t have met some of them if we didn’t have positive and open attitude.

    Fernando – has been living in Poznań for years. He comes from Puertollano in Spain. From the very beginning he is fascinated in Poland and its culture.

  • He is an optimist, idealist, but he’s also reasonable.

  • Team’s initiator and motivator.

    Probably he wouldn’t admit it, but everyone who has seen him in Pika Pika tapas bar knows, that his passion dedication and willing of help to the people were huge reasons of rising Biurcoo.

    We arranged everything by ourselves in Biurcoo’s interior design – from lights to furniture (Fernando’s work!),

    and now we give the opportunity of creating to the others. We don’t want Biurcoo to become just an office, but we want to build the place of meetings, dialogue, work and inspiration.

    We focus on the quality services, so we made an ideal place for individualists, and that’s why we created an offer full of different options, satisfying everyone.

  • We share not only the place and time, but also our skills and experience. We build common reality in full dimension.

  • Look at the effects – an office designed and arranged by ourselves.