Why are we different?

We are located in the very center of Poznań, in a historic tenement house. Opposite the Polish Theater, near the famous Okrąglak. Our location is ideal for people who like the atmosphere of a bustling city, and the vicinity of cafes, restaurants, post offices and offices is an important aspect for them.

Coming back to the question posed, we answer briefly: you are the strength of our coworking. The community that has been creating for 6 years is our greatest achievement. We are lucky to say that our coworkers are social butterflies and we are extremely glad that Biurcoo are friends. This place was created for you and thanks to you we feel the constant urge to upgrade this space. And because we are inspired by the way you live and work, we try to introduce flexible solutions into our package offer.

Our coworking is created out of love for people, original solutions, but also simplicity. Our furniture was designed by Fernando - the founder and originator of this office. The rest is complemented by plants that have an aesthetic function, but also help in purifying the air and feeling almost at home. We are close to home, but not at home.

We wanted to create an office where everyone would feel good, a place where you would like to return, not only to be able to work, but also to be able to rest, talk to others and cooperate. We want work-life balance to take place in the office itself.

Ah! And one more thing. Dog parents, come with your pets, because bowls, treats and toys are waiting.

How can you reach us? Thanks to the location in the center, you can reach us by tram (nearby there are tram stops of various lines), bus or car (parking lots are at your fingertips). There is also a place for a bicycle.

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