Biurcoo is, first and foremost, Fernando. However, if it weren't for the collaboration of many hands and heads, he wouldn't have come that far. The process of creating the Biurcoo initiative is the effect of the contribution of many people - friends and acquaintances, but also acquired contacts, which would not be possible without a positive and open attitude.

Fernando has been living in Poznań for several years now. He comes from Puertollano in Spain. From the very beginning, he has been fascinated by our country and culture. An optimist, an idealist, but still down to earth when needed. Initiator and motivator in the team.

He does not openly admit it, but anyone who saw him in the Spanish tapas bar Pika Pika knows that his love for people, spending time with them and the urge for sharing and helping had a considerable influence on the creation of Biurcoo.

Apart from Fernando, you will meet Sonia and Anita in our coworking. They will show you around the place, help you choose the right package and welcome your guests. They will make sure you feel taken care of. You can also count on lemonades and snacks that they will prepare for you.

Together, the three of us took care of the interior design, from the smallest detail such as a desk lamp, to the design of the furniture (Fernando’s work!). We also believe in the green power of plants, which is why we have so many of them! Because plants make us happy and calm.

We like this space and we believe that you will like it too, so now we are giving you a field for action. We do not want Biurcoo to be a business establishment, but a place where you come to meet people, talk, inspire and work, as well as find unique friends over time. We can say it with confidence after running Biurcoo for so many years.

We want to provide the best quality of service, which is why we focus on individualism, hence so many different packages to choose from. Everyone can find something suitable for themselves. Together with our coworkers, we share not only time and place, but also skills and experience. We build a common reality to the full extent.

Now, we invite you to see the effects of a self-designed and arranged coworking space. We hope you will like it and you will feel good here.