COWORKING – (co)work with us!


Coworking, as the idea of sharing working space, gives you an opportunity to lower the cost of renting – you no longer pay for the office, but for the desk only. If you don’t want to stay alone at home, or simply you are tired of using your place for both – living and working – then the idea of coworking is for you!

Coworking means collective office. It’s been known from the beginning of XXI century, but now it’s improving and emerging. Nowadays more people can work remotely or run their own business, and despite not having enough money for that, they still can do it.

Just at the beginning, coworking meant economic and efficient use of space for work, such as warehouses, manufactures or factory halls. Things have changed, so modern coworking offices are usually placed in office buildings. Therefore we wanted to create more friendly and chilling atmosphere, we decided to create coworking space inside one of the Poznań’s old apartment houses.

We believe that arrangement in work place is very important. That’s why we planned carefully all interior’s design, combining simplicity and usability with unusual ideas of the office arrangement.

Obviously, we don’t think about work only all the time, so we also united work place with chill zone, perfect for looking for new inspirations – apparently the Apple or Facebook offices have their own creativity areas for some reason! We also have commodious kitchen, where you can try one of the best coffees in Poznań, or Maltida Dulzura’s sweetmeats.

If you have your own ideas, or want to organize some event, such as workshops or conference,