Hire of desks

Hire of desks is the main service we provide. Depending on the needs, we have prepared different packages enabling one to choose a suitable option both in terms of labour intensity, i.e. time, and its nature. So, we propose 3 working modes, al of them at our office, downtown Poznań! 🙂


Standard Desk

Hot Spot
A place for those who wish to pay us a rather short visit, for a few hours. You no longer have to sit in the crowded and noisy Poznan cafeterias to catch Wi-Fi and be able to work for a while. Especially for that purpose, we have prepared 15 Hot Spot places – 9 places are in a big room, in which authorial alcoves are located. You can take a seat at small tables on chairs or a comfortable coffee table with some extra cushions.


Standard Plus Desk

Standard Desk
…but standard only in name.

  • These places are designed to work at not only by regular coworkers, but also persons who only need a couple of days or hours a week. We have 6 such desks which can accommodate up to 12 persons, two at every desk. The desks are spacious, more than standard, so all coworkers have enough space for them. A comfortable office chair and a warm-light lamp are available. Those who decide on a longer time package will be able to use free of charge the key cabinets which are situated at every desk.


    Mini office hire

    Mini office
    As Biurcoo occupies a large area, we have managed to set apart a separate space that can serve as a mini office. The facilities are located at a quiet corridor at the end of the premises within short distance of both a kitchen and a bathroom. The facilities include two big desks at which 2 persons can sit. It is an ideal solution for people who are seeking a small office downtown Poznan.




    Conference room hire

    Conference room
    A conference room is situated at a distant and quiet place of Biurcoo. There is a glass table and six comfortable chairs in the room. The room has a window facing 27 Grudnia Street, almost opposite a theatre which gets covered behind tall trees in summer. The room window is equipped with a special opaque roller blind to make sure that projected materials are watched comfortably. If required, a cabinet is also available where necessary materials can be stored. So, if you need to meet your client in the centre of Poznan, this is an ideal place for that.
    The conference room adjoins the Hot Spot places with the board and the kitchenette. It is possible to hire an entire wing with these 2 rooms. It would be then closed and inaccessible for other office users. Also, it is possible to get inside independently, directly from the staircase. Those hiring the conference room (in all-day or weekend options) are provided with service, water and hot beverages. Catering can be ordered, too.


    Organisation of meetings

    Are you looking for an interesting space that will make an impression on the visitor? You’ve come to the right place! Biurcoo is conceived both as a working space and that of creative inspiration. This will perfectly turn out to be useful for creative branch people, but it will also impress those who are looking for some classy place, and one on a proper level.

    Professional service is another thing that distinguishes us. We will assist in complex organisation of meetings, starting from preparation of materials (leaflets, brochures, guides), and ending up with a delicious and impressive refreshments.

    Large space and numerous rooms will allow us to set apart an area that suits you. If you want to conduct training, workshops, courses, private lessons, branch meetings, come to us. Together we will arrange the space and event schedule.


    Virtual office

    This service is convenient for those of you who run their own business, but have no registered office. It is possible to register your company at our address, and on top of that in the very centre of Poznan. As part this service, we can also offer to handle your correspondence.

    – Company registration is a one-off fee of 100 PLN. The price includes a charge for the first month of using this service.
    – Extension for further months amounts to 50 PLN per month.
    – Handling of correspondence – receiving/sending/scanning amounts to 25 PLN per month.



    We have a colour printer. It is made available to our coworkers.

  • However, if the number of copies suggested in the packages is insufficient, it is possible to buy additional pages. The package is designed mainly for those who have small hour packages at Biurcoo or big demand in this matter.

    Proposed packages:

    – 450 black-and-white copies and 150 colour copies: 200 PLN

    – 700 black-and-white copies: 200 PLN

    – 300 colour copies: 200 PLN



    At Biurcoo, you will not only find silence and calmness, but also a space meant for your meetings, e.g. with clients and a chillout room with kitchen and comfortable seats to rest. We have different kitchen items: coffee maker, fridge, oven and toaster, so if you are willing, you can prepare your own meal, and if you want someone else to do it for you, we provide professional catering service.

    We cooperate with Cake me . It is a female duo capable of preparing culinary marvels. It will prepare everything to your taste and cooking fancies. Do you want to surprise your client with a fanciful titbit, or you organise training and could do with a warm meal, or perhaps you are conducting a course where some salty cold refreshment could come in handy? All this will be delivered and served by us as previously arranged.



    Biurcoo is not only a place of work, but that of inspiration, too. During the initial weeks of running the office we became absolutely convinced that our place is perfectly suitable for meetings. Wanting to meet the needs of those interested, we will be trying to organise regular training events and exhibitions.